The LEAF crossover now has a name and interesting features we can anticipate. Many people wonder what a Nissan LEAF SUV would look like. Would it be a cross of the EV and of the Rogue – called Qashqai in Europe? In case you are one of the wonderers, wait no more. Nissan planned to show the Ariya just at the Tokyo Motor Show, but we have its images way before the auto show gates officially open. Gallery: This Is The Nissan Ariya, The Child Leaf Had With The Rogue We already told you about the Mazda MX-30, the Japanese company’s first EV , and the same source revealed the Ariya. It was not the official Tokyo Motor Show catalog, as we thought before. In fact, it seems to be the latest issue of the CarTop magazine, edited by Kotsu Times Sha. Here’s the cover. Creative Trend reproduced the Ariya’s article, but we are not able to speak Japanese to discover more details about the vehicle from the images. The Japanese website also does not get into much detail. Anyway, the Foro Coches Eléctricos website gave us some interesting information about the electric SUV. According to the article in […]


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