In the latest round of bids for oil and gas exploration blocks held this month by the Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), there was no bid for the Camamu-Almada and Jacuípe region in the national park. An almost disconcerting silence marked the bidding for the gas and oil extraction blocks offered in the Camamu-Almada and Jacuípe areas, in the Abrolhos Marine National Park region, during the 16th Bidding Round on October 10th, promoted by ANP in Rio de Janeiro. No oil company was interested in offering a proposal for the areas, which was also the case for the blocks in Pernambuco-Paraíba, another area of the park exposed to risk. According to Décio Oddone, general director of ANP, the Northeastern blocks, however, should be permanently open to bids, which still implies that Abrolhos may face pressure from oil companies in the future. The bids were made by 11 companies for the completion of 12 drilling blocks, which correspond to a significant area of 11,762 km2, an area larger than the country of Qatar. Activists from Arayara, Coesus, Associação Homens e Mulheres do Mar da Baía da Guanabara (AHOMAR), the Union of Fishermen of Guanabara Bay, […]


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