Singapore-based vertical farming technology provider Sky Greens has a scalable farming solution that is energy and water efficient, taking agrotechnology to a whole new level. Image: Sky Greens Southeast Asia is a region that is developing rapidly at an unfortunate period in human history. As the climate change clock ticks, the region of 641 million people must chart a developmental path that decouples the fossil fuel-dependent economic model of the past with a future that is expected to see global temperatures rise by, at the current rate of emissions, about 3 degrees Celsius. The archipelagic bloc could be affected more than any other region on the planet from rising sea levels and extreme weather. But the clean energy transition is an opportunity for Southeast Asia to avoid the most severe impacts of climate change. Eco-Business has identified seven green innovations in Southeast Asia that could help the region transition to a brighter, safer future. The Liter of Light solar lighting project in Manila, Philippines. Image: Luke Duggleby In the market for inexpensive, readily available and easily replicable lighting systems, there are few technologies more illuminating than Liter of Light’s solar bottles. Liter of Light (Tagalog: IIsang Litrong Liwanag ) […]


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