The Green Cab taxi company in Madison, Wisconsin, announced today that it is converting its fleet of taxis to electric vehicles. When complete, the move will make Green Cab the first in the nation to operate a fleet of fully electric taxis. Image credit: Kyle Field | CleanTechnica As the name implies, Green Cab has always had a focus on environmentally responsible taxi operations, a theme that manifests itself in its current fleet of hybrid cabs. Hopping over to the company’s website, its vision for a cleaner, greener fleet permeates Green Cab’s material, with constant messaging about helping consumers reduce their carbon footprint with the company’s current fleet of hybrids. For now, Green Cab is Madison’s only all-hybrid rideshare service and has been in operation since 2010. We will keep a close watch on the news conference to see if we can get our hands on some of the financials behind the move, as the upgrade from a ~$25,000 Prius to a $40,000 Tesla Model 3 is still quite a step up in capital expenses. Charging is also a question, as Tesla’s service agreement for its vehicles prevents vehicles used for commercial service from utilizing its Supercharging network. Building […]


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