Skip to main content It would be easy to drive right by Greg Peterson’s house, nestled in a Phoenix neighborhood not far from Piestewa Peak, without a double take. Outwardly, it is simple. It’s not flashy or overdone. It doesn’t have an oversize front door and it isn’t shielded by a custom gate. The yard, though, could double as a healthy, organic snack bar. His front hedge alone is made entirely of navel orange trees, 14 of them, trimmed to a manageable, pickable height, planted in an L-shape along the front and side of his yard. “I eat most of them myself. I’ll eat four to six a day,” Peterson said of the pounds of oranges that come from his front hedge. “It provides privacy. It provides food. And, it provides an educational opportunity.” Showing off sustainable options at home Peterson’s home is also his office. He runs the Urban Farm, and has for years, educating city dwellers on the sustainable possibilities that are available to everyone if they’re inspired enough to look into it. “I like to call it an environmental showcase home,” he said. That it is. Greg Peterson stands beside his vertical planter, which grows his […]


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