Many people, including me, expected Greta Thunberg to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Instead, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali was deservedly awarded for ending more than 20 years of conflict with neighboring Eritrea. Greta and the young people worldwide urging adults to care about their future don’t need a Nobel. They need grown-ups to take them seriously and heed the scientific evidence about global warming . From her solitary school strike in Sweden last year to massive worldwide climate strikes in late September, Thunberg has rallied millions of young people and adults to demand change. She and the youth who have joined her cause understand the world offers all we need, if we don’t destroy the natural systems that make our health and well-being possible. They also know it isn’t a lack of solutions holding us back, but a lack of political will. And they know, as scientists worldwide have warned through the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that we have little time to address the crisis we’re creating by wastefully burning excessive amounts of fossil fuels and destroying ecosystems at an alarming rate. Most of them understand, too, that it’s about more than protecting humanity from […]


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