Modular, plywood boxes have been self-built by climate change protesters Extinction Rebellion to build lock-on sites, towers and stages for London protests. The blocks are adapted from Studio Bark ‘s U-Build system by architects involved in the actions, including members of Architect’s Climate Action Network (ACAN). The plywood boxes can be bolted together to make different structures Studio Bark gifted the cutting patterns – and told Dezeen that some of its employees are part of Extinction Rebellion (XR) – but the practice itself was not involved in delivering the project. "It’s a natural extension of what U-Build was meant for," Nick Newman, a director at Studio Bark and member of XR, told Dezeen. "This is about what a group of people all coming together have managed to achieve. You can call it protest architecture, or architecture of activism. It’s a new typology." U-Build ‘s modules were re-designed to be simple enough that complete novices could build them, with just one shape of box and an easier bolt system. Pieces were cut at a community-run CNC workshop and supplies were bought through crowdfunding. Circles were cut into the sides of the boxes, allowing activists to lock on through them – […]


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