Once in a while here at CleanTechnica, we get hold of a story about someone who’s so excited about clean energy that the enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. So allow me to introduce Roberto San José Mendiluce. He drove the first 100% electric taxi in Spain, and he traveled over 392,000 kilometers with zero emissions and zero breakdowns. “My aim is clear,” Mendiluce explained in a CleanTechnica exclusive. “I want to convey the environmental benefits and profitability offered by 100% electrical mobility. I want to demonstrate the reliability and minimal cost of maintenance of this type of vehicle.” Mendiluce started behind the wheel of a Nissan LEAF in October, 2011. This first generation LEAF was manufactured in Oppama, Japan and was equipped with a 24 kWh lithium battery. He says he replaced the battery of the car after “having traveled 354,000 km with the original battery. For this reason, I set out to reach the 500,000 kilometers covered with a 100% electric taxi Nissan LEAF without consuming a drop of fuel.” His adventure has been disseminated through multiple social media networks and news outlets, since his goal all along was to convince others of the benefits of zero emissions propulsion. […]


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