The sale of kitchen tools is a multi-million industry . But you do not need every gadget that is marketed to you at upscale stores like Sur La Table or Williams and Sonoma. Even if you have a disposable income, you do not need single-use tools. Your parents and grandparents before you operated a kitchen without them, and so can you. Perhaps the most famous advocate against single-use kitchen tools is the celebrity chef Alton Brown, who has used has platform to urge consumers to think before they add uni-taskers to their shopping carts. "I have railed against uni-taskers for 20 years,” Brown opined back in 2015 . “I’ve come around to liking them as strategic gifts for people you don’t like." To me, the most egregious example of such a gadget is the avocado masher . But here is something to chew on: My grandmother, who is from Mexico, taught me how to make guacamole the traditional way — with a fork. My grandfather, who is from the South and made lots of mashed potatoes in his day, experimented with using a potato masher to mash avocados when tasked with helping my grandmother make the family recipe one […]


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