This is a guest post by the local group Fossilgasfällan who launched their campaign against the Gothenburg terminal in early 2017. A version of this text was originally published on their website: It has been a difficult task to make our government understand the true nature of “natural” gas (= fossil gas). When the campaign started fossil gas was a non issue here in Sweden. It was not on the political agenda, and barely even on the agenda of the climate movement. Needless to say, there was a lot of work to be done. Since the campaign started, over a thousand people have signed our petition against the terminal and thousands of emails have been sent to the ministers in charge of the issue to really make sure they know the facts, and know what the people want. We’ve held a vast number of talks about fossil gas and written opinion pieces, to inform the public on this issue. We’ve had countless meetings with NGOs, decision makers and other grassroots. We’ve spent hundreds of hours on research and we’ve enjoyed a number of long (and fun!) strategy workshops together. We’ve connected with gas fighters from all across the […]


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