The conscious consumption movement is taking over the marketplace. A stunning 91% of consumers expect businesses to do more than just turn a profit – they expect them to also be socially and environmentally responsible. The majority of consumers ( 84% to be exact) are likely or willing to switch brands if there is an alternative option available that aligns itself with a good cause. So what does this mean for your restaurant? It means that consumer buying decisions are no longer based on price alone. Diners want a full stomach and a clear conscience. In this article you’ll learn: Simple sustainable practices to implement at your restaurant How to market to these consumers Sustainable Practices for Your Restaurant Wondering where to start with sustainable practices at your restaurant? Here are five suggestions that will turn your restaurant into a conscious consumer’s dream! 1) Buy Local Purchasing local produce has a trifecta impact. First, you’ll reduce your food costs because locally sourced food is seasonally grown and isn’t transported across the world to get from the farm to your diner’s forks. Less time and money spent transporting food means you’ll spend less money on food costs. Second, local food […]


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