One of Hyundai’s latest eco-friendly cars, the Nexo, is a hydrogen fuel cell-powered SUV that the company claims only emits water and oxygen. To prove this fact, Hyundai España’s YouTube page has posted a video where Olympic swimmer and brand ambassador Mireia Belmonte runs in a bubble filled with the car’s emissions. With the promise of such an environmentally friendly transportation option, we wonder why hasn’t the vehicle’s adoption been guaranteed yet? Well, it turns out it is hampered by the lack of proper fuel cell infrastructure. While we wait for that infrastructure to take place, we might as well enjoy this well-shot well-illustrated video. However, be wary of trying this at home! Despite the fact that Hyundai claims the vehicle only emits water and 99.9 percent filtered oxygen, the firm still employed the services of the Spanish National Centre on Hydrogen and a sports medical center to make sure the video’s process was safe.


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