tangopaso – Graves of soldiers killed during WWI in the cemetery of Ivry-sur-Seine, (Val-de-Marne, France) No chemicals, synthetics, or gravestones – the goal is to return to the Earth as quickly and subtly as possible. Paris recently opened its first green cemetery at Ivry-sur-Seine. Part of the already-existing cemetery has been dedicated to eco-friendly burials, meaning that Parisians concerned about the lasting ecological impact of their funerals can now rest in peace. The cemetery will do away with gravestones, replacing them with wooden markers that the city of Paris has said it will replace every ten years. Coffins and urns must be made out of biodegradable materials, either cardboard or unvarnished local wood, and bodies must be clothed in natural biodegradable fibers. They cannot, of course, be embalmed with formaldehyde. The new ‘green’ section of the cemetery comprises 17,000 square feet and only 150 plots, but I suspect that if it proves to be popular, other cemeteries will offer something similar. Between 1980 and 2016, cremation went from 1 percent to 36 percent of French funerals, with the environment being cited as a contributing factor, so there is good reason to think that this trend will continue to grow. […]


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