Jonathan Montpetit · CBC News · Posted: Sep 26, 2019 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: September 26 A climate change march last spring in Montreal attracted more than 100,000 people. Officials expect double that amount will attend Friday’s march. (Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press) Since the spring, hundreds, maybe thousands, of Quebec teens have been meeting after school to lay the groundwork for a massive protest in Montreal demanding urgent action on climate change. When it gets underway Friday at noon, led by 16-year-old activist phenomenon Greta Thunberg, it’s expected to be the largest demonstration in the history of Quebec’s environmental movement. Not that the movement has struggled to get people in the streets. A march in Montreal last spring attracted more than 100,000 people; there were 50,000 at a protest following last year’s provincial election. But the strength of the environmental movement in Quebec goes beyond its ability to organize sizeable demonstrations. A recent Canada-wide study of opinions about climate change found Quebecers were more likely than other Canadians to believe the Earth is warming. They were also more likely to believe climate change is due to human activity and more likely to support carbon pricing as a […]


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