While we are waiting for Nissan to unveil its new electric SUV, the Japanese automaker surprised us today with a new urban electric car: The Nissan IMk. The company says that the new 100% electric concept car “hints at the new direction of Nissan’s design language.” Satoru Tai, executive design director at Nissan, describes the vehicle: “As a small EV for a new era, the Nissan IMk is designed to be at home in sophisticated cityscapes as much as in traditional Japanese towns. The IMk fuses a modern, clean look, driven by its Japanese heritage, with cutting-edge EV technology. Unconstrained by conventional concepts of the kei car segment, its design is interwoven with Japanese culture. It’s a luxury small EV that I hope a lot of customers are going to drive.” Here are a few images of the new Nissan IMk electric urban car released by the company today: Nissan didn’t reveal any detail about the powertrain of the concept other than saying that it will be based on their experience with the Leaf: “The Nissan IMk concept builds on this experience by offering a pure electric for alternative for customers who desire a compact vehicle suited for a […]


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