Meet the Black and brown teens fighting to protect their lands from industrial, military, and colonialist actions that have caused climate change. Last Friday , approximately 4 million people across the globe marched as part of the climate strikes led by students. Much attention has been raised around how race and racism play into whose actions and efforts are given platforms by media outlets and the public alike and whose anger, determination, and disruptions are painted as activism, and whose are ignored, silenced and punished. Many Black and brown teens have been fighting to protect their lands from industrial, military, and imperialist/colonialist actions that have caused climate change . Wear Your Voice wanted to highlight some of these teens. This list is not extensive and far from complete—there are many more BIPOC youths leading the fight against climate change and demanding that world leaders step-up and confront how colonialism continues to destroy the earth. Isra Hirsi (16), daughter of US Representative Ilhan Omar, is the co-founder of the US Youth Climate Strike . Her focus is highlighting how the climate crisis disproportionately impacts the world’s most marginalized communities by moving the conversation about environmental devastation towards racial justice. Isra […]


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