About 60% of garments around the world are made from oil, which then gets turned into fabrics like polyester, nylon yarn. But when they’re washed, these fabrics release tiny fibers, called microfibers, less than one millimeter long, because they are not chemically bonded together. In one study, an acrylic sweater shed 700,000 fibers each time it was washed. Those microfibers then get into our water system and are being found in our water system, in fish, and in humans. Now one of the world’s largest home appliance companies is working to keep microplastics from seeping into the oceans. And it’s sharing that technology with its competitors. The company, Arçelik , sells its products in 146 countries and owns 12 major home appliance brands (one of which, Beko, is the second bestselling in its market in Europe). Starting next year, Arçelik will release washing machines with built-in filtration systems that prevent synthetic microfibers from escaping into city sewers. Currently, more than 1 million microplastic fibers make their way from drains to oceans per laundry load. [Photo: courtesy Arçelik] Arçelik’s new washing machines contain multilayered filters behind the detergent compartment. When water gets pushed out through the filter at the end […]


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