No more potholes? Hmmm, I guess the Dyson Foundation must be too ignorant to realize that they were all invented before. The IR activated faucet has been around for a while as has the rubber road but both seem to have added something to the original idea. Automatic soap dispensing and recycling the waste water have been added to the original concept of the IR faucet. Rubber has been added to roads before for permeability to help with runoff and to some extent durability but self regenerating roads are new and expands the use of recycled tires enormously. produces a thermoplastic(patent pending) from tires for general use including paving but is a totally different process. Read the corresponding patent & application and see how different they are. The Mexican design is both a crutch and a cane in a design cheaply and easily changed with a screwdriver. It is much easier for rural areas or less advanced countries to produce and much cheaper to transport due to it’s shape and size. Watch the video to see how truly ingenious the design is.


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