© Templar Marine via Torqeedo Templar Marine introduces a Torqeedo powered dayboat that is a thing of beauty. Really, we should living in the last days of fossil-fuel powered boats. Gas engines are often noisy, smelly, polluting, hard to start, high maintenance. Electric motors would make so much more sense. © Templar Marine via Torqeedo And now we are seeing more and more boats designed around Torqeedo electric motors and their lithium-ion battery packs, like the new Templar C26 Cruiser. It’s a "day boat" – a slow cruiser for tootling around harbours and bays. There are so many advantages, according to Templar’s Mark Fry: © templar Marine via Torqeedo “At Templar Marine we’re looking to fulfill the increasing demand from modern boaters for a plug-in all-electric boating experience with no sacrifice in comfort and enjoyment. With the Torqeedo electric package, there’s no noise and no fumes or smells on deck. It’s also virtually maintenance-free with no fuel costs, giving the lowest costs of ownership. With no fuel tanks or heavy combustion engine, the lightweight, 5,000-pound boat is trailerable behind the average family’s SUV.” © Templar Marine via Torqeedo I do not really understand the day boat thing, sort of […]


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