One of the biggest advantages of electric vehicles is that they can potentially have far more packaging flexibility than combustion-engine cars. Companies have been taking advantage of this, as you can see in Tesla’s twin-trunk designs and Volkswagen’s volume-maximizing reborn electric Microbus. A startup called Canoo is taking a similar approach as VW, with an EV that’s a clever study in the maximization of interior volume. You know, a van. Though it’s not autonomous, though the company says they’re working on that, the room-on-wheels design is exactly what future autonomous vehicles should be (there may be a book out that says just that ) and even in its current, human-driven form, the design looks incredibly flexible and usable. The Canoo was designed by Richard Kim , the designer behind BMW’s very innovative i3 and the sleek i8, and while there are clear similarities to Kim’s earlier designs, the Canoo shows a much purer design, an unashamed, streamlined, heavily-windowed box on a skateboard, an envelope that surrounds a very versatile and appealing interior. The front and rear profiles of the Canoo are just about identical; were it not for the position of the rear-view mirrors and colors of the lights, […]


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