Sustainability. It’s a hot topic, and in the face of today’s challenges dealing with climate change and the need to reduce carbon emissions, it’s more important than ever to understand what impact we all have on the planet, and the steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprint. The sharing economy has seen explosive growth worldwide and at Holiday Swap we’re passionate about promoting sustainable travel and understanding how our platform and users can contribute to preserving the nature, culture, and history of our planet. But what role does Holiday Swap play in sustainable travel? Sustainable travel should essentially minimize the negative impacts of tourism. The latest reports show that hotels currently account for 1% of all global emissions and using home-sharing platforms instead, we can significantly reduce a person’s carbon emissions. Platforms such as Holiday Swap emit 66% less CO2 than hotels due to the reduction of resources required by reducing energy, water, and waste. With less cleaning, cooking and miniature hotel toiletries (just to name a few), staying in someone else’s home really can make a positive environmental impact in more ways than one. But what does this mean for hotels? With the increase of travelers […]


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