© The Stagg Tree, the fifth largest known tree in the world. (Photo: Max Forster / Save the Redwoods League) The 530-acre forest has hundreds of ancient giant sequoia, including the fifth-largest tree known on the planet. I have long mused that if I ever won the lottery, I would buy up as much forest as I could. Since my chance of winning the lottery is about one in a gazillion, I am deeply thrilled to see a new wave of creative ways in which concerned people are banding together to finance the planting of trees and purchase land for conservation . A recent occurrence of this phenomenon involves California’s 530-acre Alder Creek forest. It is home to hundreds of ancient giant sequoia, nearly 500 of which boast a diameter of six feet or larger. It is also the home of the Stagg Tree, the largest tree in private possession and the fifth-largest tree known in the world – not surprising since giant sequoia are the most massive trees on the planet. They are also among the oldest, ringing in at thousands of years old. Called the "Crown Jewel" of the remaining giant sequoia forests, Alder Creek has been […]


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