It’s been less than three months since Bird unveiled Bird One, its next-generation electric scooter designed to be more durable, powerful, and longer-lasting than previous versions. Now, the dockless scooter company says it’s ready to roll out its next next-gen scooter, Bird Two, and — you guessed it — it’s more durable, powerful, and longer-lasting than the previous version. Bird Two will also include smart, “autonomous” sensors that will signal Bird’s headquarters when the scooter breaks down. Vandalism and depreciation costs have taken a toll as scooter companies struggle to get their newer, more rugged models on the streets. “Self-reporting damage sensors” will help Bird’s mechanics get damaged or vandalized scooters off the streets and into repair shops more seamlessly. The top-line feature is a new battery, which Bird claims is industry-leading and automotive-grade. Bird Two’s battery will have over 50 percent more capacity than Bird One’s, and it will be optimized to operate in a variety of temperatures. Speaking of seamlessness, how about “seamless screws”? Exposed screws on micro-mobility vehicles can cause injuries and make vandalism easier. As such, Bird Two will not include any exposed screws. “The absence of excessive exposed screws helps create a more seamless […]


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