Public Domain Unsplash / Hal Gatewood Yes, there’s far more plastic in your food than you realize. With all the plastic polluting the environment, it makes sense that plastic would be making its way into our food, too. Several recent studies have attempted to quantify just how much plastic we’re ingesting and the results are alarming. A Canadian study published in June 2019 found that humans ingest at least 50,000 plastic particles per year, and that’s probably an underestimate; the research only looked at 15 percent of foods in a typical diet. An Australian study offers another disturbing perspective, stating that the average human ingests 5g of plastic per week, or the equivalent of a credit card. This leads to the obvious question: ‘How do I eat less plastic?’ While it’s impossible to eliminate plastic entirely from our diets – welcome to the modern world! – there are steps one can take to reduce ingestion. Consumer Reports has put together a list of six small steps , some of which I’d like to share below, along with my own suggestions. 1. Drink tap water. The Canadian study mentioned above found that bottled water drinkers took in 90,000 additional microplastic […]


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