Planning applications for new on-shore wind farms plummeted by 94 per cent after the UK government changed rules in 2015 Wind turbines in Scotland generated almost twice the entire country’s domestic power requirements In the first six months of the year. Enough energy was created by the country’s renewables to power homes from all the way up in Harris in the Outer Hebrides down to Harrogate in Yorkshire, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Scotland said. The figures, from Weather Energy , show between January and June wind turbines provided enough electricity to power the equivalent of 4.47million homes for those six months. That is nearly twice the number of homes in Scotland. “These are amazing figures, Scotland’s wind energy revolution is clearly continuing to power ahead. Up and down the country, we are all benefitting from cleaner energy and so is the climate,” said Robin Parker, climate and energy policy manager at the WWF. Created with Sketch. Windmills you can stay in Show all 9 Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Windmills you can stay in 1/9 Llancayo Windmill, Monmouthshire 2/9 Llancayo Windmill, Monmouthshire 3/9 De Verrekijer, Netherlands 4/9 De Verrekijer, Netherlands 5/9 Santorini Windmills, Greece 6/9 […]


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