Erich Lawson Did you know the cost of the food wasted differs at different levels of the food consumption process? Therefore, the monetary value of wasted food further increases as it goes through the various phases, right from acquiring the produce to when it is finally served to you. This shows that when you waste even a small portion of your food, you are also wasting the resources it took to produce the food. This makes it even more crucial for commercial organizations that produce or retail food on a regular basis to carefully analyze their current consumption and make changes to reduce the same. Let us look at some ways through which such companies can curb wastage of food by embracing the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” motto. The first step is to quantify the waste generated in order to access critical areas and find alternatives to prevent the same. Once you have understood the various areas and causes of such wastage, you can then plan your food/produce requirements and purchase the same accordingly. Accurate Ordering— You can set up a stock-order form which will ensure you only buy the exact quantity of food required. This also prevents over ordering […]


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