Q. Dear Umbra, Which is better: Wear something out TOTALLY (shoes, sheets, clothes, etc.) and throw it away, or use an item and then donate it before it’s too worn out? — Will One Rip be Noticed? A. Dear WORN, Compared to some of the scary, complicated environmental topics that have been trending lately — climate nihilism and mass murder ! The point at which the planet becomes truly unliveable ! Raising children in the age of apocalypse ! — I appreciate that you’re inquiring about something so tangible and non-terrifying. Except your question, unfortunately, doesn’t actually have as simple an answer as you might expect. Argh!!! I know. Many consumers have cottoned on (sorry) to the idea that the clothing and textile industries have a massive carbon footprint . Of course, there’s a very wide spectrum of behavior when it comes to buying and keeping clothes, ranging from Mariah Carey excess to Marie Kondo minimalism . And given that you’re even asking this question, I’d guess that you lean a little more toward the latter end of the spectrum. It’s no stretch to say that the Western world is driven by profligate consumerism. (That’s not to say that […]


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