In a new poll by the Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation, 80% of respondents agreed that human activity is a leading cause of climate change. That’s huge. But only half believe urgent action is needed and only 40% say it amounts to a crisis. The full polling results and an explanation of the methodology used are available here . The Post acknowledges its poll results show a higher percentage of people saying human activity is impacting the climate than other recent polls. For instance, a poll by Yale University and George Mason University last spring found 69% saying “global warming is happening,” with 55% saying in a second question that it is caused mostly by “human activities” rather than “natural changes in the environment.” Part of the reason for the divergence in answers may be that the Post/Kaiser poll asked a straightforward question that called for a yes or no answer — ““Human activity is or is not causing changes to the world’s climate, including an increase in the average temperature.” The Difference Between Talk & Action While the Post/Kaiser poll suggests a growing number of Americans recognize climate change as an issue — two thirds of […]


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