Taco Bell sees all the fake meat entering the fast-food marketplace and is here to remind you that it’s the granddaddy of vegetarian fast food, and it doesn’t need Dunkin’s fake sausage or plant-based chicken or Impossible Whoppers to prove it. Because you know what’s vegetarian besides plant-based meat? Plants. Like beans and rice and vegetables and cheese and all the other things that Taco Bell has been putting on its vegetarian menu items for years. Taco Bell has been the go-to for road-tripping vegetarians for years, but as newcomers elbow their way into the vegetarian feeding frenzy, Taco Bell is reminding the competition that it was here first. Starting today at restaurants nationwide, Taco Bell will unveil a brand-new vegetarian menu, which highlights the vegetarian offerings and reminds non-meat eaters of its “not so new” vegetarian menu, according to a press release . The chain is also adding two actually new vegetarian menu items: a Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme and a new Black Bean Quesarito . “While other fast food restaurants are just now dipping their toes in the meatless space, Taco Bell has long been a friend to vegetarians,” the company said in its statement . “The […]


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