People behind aeroplane windows look ashamed Last month I stepped into an aeroplane for the first time in five years. From fear and anxiety to hope and healing, BBC Future’s Climate Emotions series examines our complex responses to climate change , and how those responses will shape our ability to deal with the environmental challenge we face. I was leaving my home in London and taking a flight across the Atlantic to join my partner in Costa Rica. The last time I flew was in 2014, while living in Bordeaux, France. Getting to my sister’s hen party in Scotland by train, my usual option, would have taken days that I didn’t have, so then too I bit the bullet and took a flight. The reason I have avoided flying for so long is its hefty carbon footprint. Since I was a teenager I’d had a growing niggling guilt about the emissions from flying, as I found out more and more about climate change and its impacts. After all, flying is probably the most carbon-intensive activity you can do, on an hour-to-hour basis. Eventually this led me to vow only to do it if absolutely necessary. And I’m not alone. […]


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