By Paul Brown A sustainable food policy which ends red meat meals has improved student diets and boosted a university catering service’s profits. The University of Cambridge in England, one of the richest and most famous universities in the world, has ended red meat meals in its outlets. Beef and lamb are off the menu in its cafes and canteens, to educate staff and students about how to change their diets so as to help avoid dangerous climate change . At the same time, the university says the decision will go a long way to reducing the carbon footprint of the University Catering Service (UCS) and cutting the amount of land needed to feed the students and administrators. In a report on its decision to cut out red meat , known also as ruminant meat , the university says it has also greatly improved the variety of meals in its restaurants, particularly of vegetarian and vegan alternatives. This has lowered the amount of land the UCS needs to grow food by over a quarter and its carbon footprint by over a third, while at the same time increasing profits. The change of policy by catering managers has also meant […]


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