Yet another use for the important greenhouse gas. Scientists at Rice University have devised an environmentally friendly way to take carbon dioxide and turn it into liquid fuel. The device uses a catalytic reactor to transform the greenhouse gas into formic acid, an important chemical reagent that is also found in bee and ant venom. “The big picture is that carbon dioxide reduction is very important for its effect on global warming as well as for green chemical synthesis,” says lead researcher Hoatian WangWang, a chemical and biomolecular engineer at Rice, in a press statement . “If the electricity comes from renewable sources like the sun or wind, we can create a loop that turns carbon dioxide into something important without emitting more of it.” Tests revealed that the formic acid produced can store nearly half of the energy created during the reaction. Formic acid can be used in a number of ways. The pungent, colorless liquid has antibacterial qualities and can be used as a preservative, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information . Most importantly, it can be used as a fuel-cell fuel that, when burned, will emit carbon dioxide that can be recaptured and used […]


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