A well-known environmental campaigner from British Columbia has received a (US)$2 million award from a global organization that supports projects aimed at curbing climate change. The Climate Breakthrough Project says Tzeporah Berman is the 2019 recipient of its annual award. Berman co-founded Stand.earth, the organization behind numerous environmental campaigns, including those targeting expansion of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline, pollution caused by Carnival cruise ships and Proctor & Gamble for making toilet paper from intact forests A statement from the Climate Breakthrough Project calls Berman "bold and visionary," someone who remains committed to real-world results and to negotiating lasting victories. The project says its award funds individuals developing innovative social, economic or policy change strategies that will make a globally significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions over the next five to 10 years. Berman says she plans to use the award to develop programs that will cut new oil and gas development and keep carbon unburned and out of the atmosphere. She says the award is an honour and comes at a critical moment in history. "This summer’s fires in the Amazon and the Arctic are a wake-up call for all of us, and yet even wealthy countries such […]


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