© Students striking in Australia/ Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images Some people have to work, but they can still show solidarity. A lot of people are planning to participate in the Global Climate Strike on Friday, 20 September; as Bill McKibben notes in the Guardian, It is shaping up to be the biggest day of climate action in the planet’s history: everyone from big trade unions to a thousand workers at the Amazon headquarters, and from college kids to senior citizens, are setting the day aside to rally in their cities and towns for faster action from our governments and industries. But there are probably a lot more people who have to show up at work because they have no choice about striking. As McKibben admits, “Many people, of course, can’t do without a day’s pay, or work for bosses who who would fire them if they missed work.” So the TreeHugger team has put together some suggestions for those who can’t take the day off work but want to do something. 1. Walk or bike to work Phila.bikes/ how to dress for walking We have noted before that walking is climate action, and it is also really good for you. […]


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