If you are A) driving an electric car in Sweden and B) hungry, now you can find an EV charger at any one of 55 McDonald’s locations throughout the country. That makes the company the largest restaurant chain in Sweden that offers patrons the chance to charge up their cars while the kidlets are enjoying their Happy Meals. Credit: McDonald’s via YouTube The chain decided to add the chargers to its stores after conducting a survey in which 48% of people said finding a place to charge their EVs was difficult. Its goal is to have at least one charger available at every one of its locations in the country. That way, if you are out and about in your electromobile and see the Golden Arches up ahead, you’ll know you will be able to charge up your battery in a warm, clean place while enjoying items from the McDonald’s menu. The locations with chargers available now have new signs showing the price per minute for charging right up there at the top of the lighted sign that announces the store’s location. It’s even placed higher than the price of a Big Mac, which won’t make the Hamburglar happy […]


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