Engine noise, fumes and carbon emissions are all nonexistent with X Shore, one of the first electric boat-makers to target the consumer market. The Swedish company manufactures all-electric boats , emphasising that the "power of silence" and lack of diesel engine fumes facilitates a deeper connection to nature. X Shore launched its first boat model, the Eelex 6500, earlier this year, and rode it in UK waters this month during one of the most high-profile zero-emission sea voyages of all time — environmental activist Greta Thunberg’s transatlantic trip to the UN Climate Summit in New York aboard the sailboat Malizia II. The company said its boat "supported the safe departure" of Thunberg’s solar-powered racing yacht from the port of Plymouth in the UK on 14 August. The Eelex represents a step towards more sustainable sea travel, where the obstacles to the spread of electric engines include poor range, lack of charging facilities and slow speeds. It can cover a distance of 100 nautical miles on a single charge, making it suitable for leisure boating. Its top speed is 40 knots — although to keep cruising consistently for two hours, the consistent speed would have to be a lower 25 […]


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