People power has done it again: today, we announced that $11 trillion dollars has been committed to divest from fossil fuels . The rapidly accelerating pace of divestment commitments is striking: while it took two years to shift the first USD 2 trillion, the most recent USD 2 trillion has taken just under 6 months. Read more about how the movement achieved this milestone in the new report released today, ‘ $11T and counting: new goals for a fossil-free world. ’ The release of the report coincides with the start of Financing the Future , a global divest-invest summit being held in Cape Town on 10th and 11th September 2019. With over 300 delegates from 44 countries in attendance, the conference is designed to build power among the divest-invest movement on every continent, working to accelerate the flow of money and power out of the fossil fuel industry, and into a 100% renewable energy future, with a particular focus on ensuring energy access for the 850 million people globally who lack access to electricity. A key sector of the divest-invest movement, and of the summit, is the longstanding and continuing leadership of faith communities. Today, 22 more faith institutions […]


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