Demand is building for climate change solutions — driven by stronger storms, raging wildfires , and a rising awareness that our future is at stake. Without action, we face ever-more devastating impacts on our economy, our health and the world we leave our children. The good news is that we can protect ourselves from the worst impacts of the climate crisis by taking bold action. The United States can forge ahead toward a 100% clean economy — while reasserting our leadership on the global stage. It’s an ambitious goal, but the crisis we face demands it. A 100% clean economy is necessary If we’re going to get serious about beating climate change, we need to be 100% committed to a clean economy, and move toward one over-arching goal: The U.S. must stop adding climate pollution to the atmosphere by 2050. By midcentury, we must produce no more carbon emissions than we can remove. That’s consistent with what the science requires. Sign up for updates on innovations that will get us to 100% clean: Achieving that goal means putting a limit on climate pollution, and transforming everything from electricity generation, to transportation , to manufacturing. We need dramatic shifts toward […]


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