© Tiramisu Studio To do their part toward tackling the climate crisis, the Emerald Isle is undertaking a massive reforestation project. Over the centuries, Ireland went from having an initial forest cover of 80 percent to just one percent in 1929. Ouch. Humankind has been rough on trees. According to the Agriculture and Food Development Authority, Ireland is the only country in Europe where such complete forest destruction took place. Since then, the country has slowly been increasing its forest cover. In 2012, the National Forest Inventory (NFI) estimated that the area of forest was 731,650 hectares or 10.5 percent of the land area. Even though Ireland’s forest cover is estimated to be at its highest level in over 350 years, it still lags notably behind the European average of over 30 percent. Given the crucial role that trees play in helping to fend off the climate crisis, what’s a tree-sparse country to do? Plant more trees. Which is exactly what the country is planning to do. The Irish Times reports that 22 million trees will be planted every year over the next two decades for a total of 440 million new trees by 2040. In June the government […]


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