On September 4, 2019, a loose chain of tropical cyclones lined up across the Western Hemisphere. Joshua Stevens / NASA Earth Observatory / NOAA / NESDIS We’re going to make this very simple. These are the 5 non-negotiable policies an ideal climate plan must include: 1. A Halt on All New Fossil Fuel Development AbolishFossilFuels on Instagram: “#Truth #AbolishFossilFuels #ActOnClimate #KeepItInTheGround #ExxonKnew #MniWiconi #WaterIsLife #ProtectTheSacred #NoBPP #NoLine9” This means banning fracking everywhere , ending dangerous build-outs of pipelines and other harmful fossil fuel infrastructure, banning public land extraction, and stopping the export of crude oil and natural gas. This also means excluding the use of market-based mechanisms like cap and trade or carbon taxes, which have been proven ineffective at reducing fossil fuel use and production. The best policy cuts these emissions off at the source. 2. An Aggressive Timeline for a Shift to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy "That conversation, it’s starting to happen, but it is painfully slow and difficult." https://t.co/DXcUaZ8SiA @cleantechnica — EcoWatch (@EcoWatch) 1567465248.0 This means shifting to clean, renewable energies (like wind, solar, tidal, or geothermal) by 2030, stopping the use of " clean washing " (posing dirty energy like nuclear, wood, black liquor, waste […]


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