A pavilion of woven bamboo and steel by Zuo Studio arches over a body of water to create a shady place to sit in Huludun Park in Taiwan . Zuo Studio designed Bamboo Pavilion for the Taichung Real Estate Development Association as part of the 2018 World Flora Exposition. Stout bamboo supports at the base give views of the water through the gaps, with patterns of shade are created by the woven elements at the side. The main structure of the Bamboo Pavilion is made from light steel and moso bamboo, with slimmer pieces of makino bamboo used for the weaving. In total 320 bamboo plants – grown over the course of three years – were used to build the Bamboo Pavilion, which is 10 metres high and 30 metres long. "Standing as a symbol of Taiwanese culture, all of the project is conceived in a green, low carbon, traditional and innovative perspective, using local materials and craft," said Zuo Studio. Local craftsmen designed elements such as the railings, bamboo furniture and light fixtures. Bamboo, a sustainable and renewable material, was traditionally used for housebuilding in Taiwan, but has fallen out of favour with the introduction of modern building […]


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