What do you do when the lights go out at your house? Most of us scurry around looking for candles or lanterns and wait for the electricity to come back on. A few have backup generators in the garage, but since the power usually fails at night, getting it started and plugged in correctly is a hassle. And don’t let it run near an open window or door if you don’t want to get asphyxiated. Small gasoline engines are terrific at producing carbon monoxide as they run. EcoFlow was founded in 2016 with the specific purpose of making gas-powered backup generators obsolete. This week, the company announced its new DELTA battery, which it says is the most powerful backup battery on the market. In an e-mail to CleanTechnica , co-founder Eli Morgan Harris says, “From home energy storage to electric vehicles to mobile power, the world is moving to batteries. We founded this company to dethrone the gas generator and that is exactly what DELTA does. We’re proud to bring to market the first higher-performing, affordable, and sustainable battery alternative to a gas generator. DELTA can even recharge your Tesla.” DELTA Specs The new DELTA backup battery weighs about […]


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