There is no doubt that the booming population is responsible for the global atmospheric changes as well as food shortages, which will be a huge issue in the future. Urban farming could be the solution to food production issues. Recently Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), MIT’s research enterprise in Singapore have developed a new technology that can accelerate the genetic engineering of microbes, which can be used to manufacture chemicals meant for urban farming. It should be mentioned that Singapore is aiming to be region’s urban agriculture technology hub, with over $90 million worth investments into early-stage tech start-ups with food and agri-tech solutions, to boost the agri-tech sector. To seek answers regarding the emerging technology for the urban farming, IBTimes Singapore has reached out to Dr Gajendra Pratap Singh, who is the Scientific Director of the SMART Disruptive & Sustainable Technologies for Agricultural Precision ( DiSTAP ), which aims to revolutionize how food is produced to meet the demands of a growing population in an increasingly resource-constraint world. He said that it can be expected that as the population grows, by 2050 each farmer will need to feed more than 265 people and it is only […]


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