© radioshoot From boosting focus and cleaning the air to improving wellness in general, these easy indoor plants are a great addition to dorm decor. Dorm buildings are not always the most inspired of places. They are a wonderful rite of passage, but it’s kind of a big leap. from the comforts of home to a cramped room that often tends toward the institutional. But adding some houseplants can make a world of difference. As my daughter moved into her dorm last week, I was delighted to see a pop-up plant shop in the quad of her school. What a great idea! Plants soften the edges, bring some life in, and offer great physical and emotional benefits. For example: Studies have concluded that active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress. Research has found that studying in the presence of plants can have a dramatic effect. Being around plants improves concentration, memory and productivity – and can increase memory retention up to 20 percent. NASA did a lot of research on how plants remove toxins from the air ; many more studies since then have confirmed it. Other research has found that houseplants decrease the incidence […]


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