The hot new Porsche Taycan is not a Tesla killer. As soon as it launched, or beforehand, many started comparing it to the Tesla Model S and debates online about which car was better ensued. Comparisons aside, Porsche just did something for Tesla that many would pay them to do for their own businesses: Porsche put Tesla in the news again. People are researching Tesla’s products to compare with the Porsche Taycan. Think about it from a marketing perspective. There is no need to buy advertising when your name is constantly in the news. This is all free publicity for Tesla, and this is a great thing not just for Tesla itself, but those who support electric vehicles and renewable energy more broadly. This is a win for the environment. We went for a ride in the all-new @Porsche Taycan EV and got out with a singular thought: This is a Tesla killer. — Edmunds (@edmunds) September 4, 2019 Many of the anti-Tesla groups and short sellers who vehemently hate the brand often focus on the idea of “Tesla killers,” a concept that has been thrown about for several years. My question is, if your alternative choice […]


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