Porsche is launching the Taycan tomorrow, which has led to a lot of excitement and anticipation among EV fans. Finally, another performance-oriented EV is hitting the market. This excitement has translated to 30,000 preorders for Porsche even before Taycan’s “official” reveal (which Fred Lambert will be covering tomorrow). But according to a survey out today from Autolist , average consumers are still more excited about the veteran in the market: the Tesla Model S. Autolist surveyed 1,500 current car shoppers, and 45% preferred the Tesla Model S to the Porsche Taycan, with 33% picking the Porsche and 22% saying they weren’t sure. When asked about the reasons for their choices, Tesla won due to brand reputation, performance, and general trust in Tesla to make EVs properly. This includes Tesla’s Supercharger network , which has a huge head start over other quick-charge networks such as VW’s Electrify America . It also includes possible future interoperability between the Tesla and other quick-charge networks. With Porsche, most everything came down to their brand reputation for performance, which they have carefully cultivated for decades. Part of the reason for that is because we still don’t have full specs on the Taycan, so it’s […]


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