Huge and growing social movements are our best hope for transforming our economies and avoiding the worst effects of climate change. The fossil fuel industry is the single biggest obstacle standing in our way. It’s time to end the age of fossil fuels. As millions of us take to the streets as part of the Global Climate Strikes this September, we need to make sure that this message is heard loud and clear. Loudly enough that it’s heard by the oil, gas and coal companies who want to continue profiting from destruction, and by the governments and banks who support them. The simplest way you can do this is by showing up to the strikes with banners, placards or flags that carry a clear and powerful message – and by encouraging others to do the same, so that you form a Fossil Free bloc together. We have examples produced by artists from around the world that you can print and use, or toolkits to help you design and produce your own. Good banners sometimes focus on a particular project or fuel – for example, demanding a fracking ban, no new gas, or the closure of a coal mine – […]


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