When I was buying a Tesla Model 3, a few article topics came to mind immediately. It wasn’t till the end of the process that I realized I really should write this one as well. There are different phases of the car buying process. Putting them all together, in my opinion, it is easily 10× more enjoyable to buy a Tesla than to buy a car (especially an electric car) from a conventional auto dealer. There are plenty of generalizations out there about the dealership experience. I’ll reference some of those, but I’ll focus more on comparing the Model 3 buying experience to leasing a Nissan LEAF from a large Nissan dealership and buying a used BMW i3 from a small, sporty car dealer. Test Drives The first part of the process is walking in and asking about the car, and probably going for a test drive. With Tesla, my experience matched what I’d read. The Tesla sales staff (if I can call them that) were friendly, happy to answer questions, and clearly enthusiastic about Tesla, but they were quite hands-off, the opposite of pushy. In fact, there were times when the staff were maybe even too “un-pushy.” (An […]


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