There are still some products that are made to last. (Photo: Mahoney/Shutterstock) Once I heard the premise behind Buy Me Once, I couldn’t believe the website didn’t already exist. Tara Button, the webshop’s founder, couldn’t either. She was working in advertising, and one of her clients was Le Creuset, the famous maker of ceramic cookware that has a lifetime guarantee. She got a cooking pot from the company and she thought, "Why aren’t there more things like this?" Then she figured there must a place online to find more things in other categories that shared the same principles as Le Creuset. She searched and searched and couldn’t find a site where all types of products built to last were vetted and sold. "I tried hard to ignore the idea, but it wouldn’t go away," Button told me. "It kept on coming back up in my head. When I would read the news about the environment and about the waste we produce, I felt almost sick. I would get this visceral, itchy feeling inside that told me: ‘You can do something about this.’ I finally got to the point where I was like ‘I have to make this site.’" Button […]


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