Earlier versions of the O2’s technology have already been tested Work has started in Scotland to build what is described as the world’s most powerful floating tidal turbine. Companies based in Orkney, Dundee, Cupar and Motherwell are involved in the construction of the 72m (236ft) long O2. Once completed it will be tested in Orkney, where earlier versions of the device have already been trialled. The Scottish government has awarded the project £3.4m from its £10m Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund. £10m tidal energy prize relaunched Whatever happened to the Saltire Prize? Orkney-based Orbital Marine Power is developing the device. Texo Group will build it at its new quayside facilities in Dundee with key components being made by Gray Fabrication in Cupar using material from Liberty Steel in Motherwell. The device has been designed to operate in both directions of a tide It will be installed at Orkney’s European Marine Energy Centre, which has been testing marine renewable technology since 2003. Turbine rotors on the O2 can be turned 180 degrees so power can be extracted from the tide as it moves in and out. The new version in development could generate enough electricity for more than 1,700 homes […]


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